WebStorm 2019.1 released: Destructuring for JavaScript and TypeScript and more


Angular, Vue, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and much more: WebStorm 2019.1 is here to bring new features to many areas of the IDE. A lot has happened in both framework and language support.

The final release of WebStorm 2019.1 is here, bringing with it many new features introduced in the EAP program. With the release, all new features are now available as stable implementations for WebStorm 2019.1 users. Ekaterina Prigara summarizes in the WebStorm blog what it has done in the new version of WebStorm. Among the new features are updates for the support of Angular, React and Vue, Node.js, npm and debugging. But even the language support itself for TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML and CSS has received upgrades, as well as the interface of the IDE and much more.

Language support in WebStorm 2019.1

For JavaScript and TypeScript, support for destructuring has been introduced. Through structuring, it is now also possible in WebStorm 2019.1 to unpack values ​​from arrays and objects into variables. To make things easier, a number of new refactorings and intentions have been introduced for the IDE, which Prigara will release in the blog post. In addition, the new WebStorm release supports both TypeScript 3.3 and the self-RC version 3.4, whose syntactical changes have already been incorporated into WebStorm.

In the CSS section CSS variables can now be extracted. Again, a new refactoring was introduced. Also new is the support for features from Less 3.0. For the HTML support was worked on the documentation, as well as on the integration of Pug.

Angular, Vue and React: What has happened?

Angular has received a total of 17 new inspections in WebStorm 2019.1, including one that suggests adding a component to a module if it would otherwise be outside the scope of the module. Also for Angular, a new navigation within the IDE is available, which should facilitate the change between different project components. React has received support for Custom React Hooks, which can now be created using the Extract Method. For Vue.js, the WebStorm team has been working on TypeScript support.

Several changes in WebStorm 2019.1 also affect Node.js and npm. For example, in Node applications it is now possible to launch and debug applications from the IDE using the Docker Compose file. In addition to WebStorm 2019.1 has also done a lot in terms of linting, testing, debugging and the interface of the IDE itself. For an overview, see the WebStorm product page from JetBrains and the official blog post for the release.

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