Visual Studio 2019: JavaScript and SEO – The Top Topics of the Week


Your highlights of the past week: Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019, tips and tricks for JavaScript frameworks and SEO. These and other topics can be found in our weekly review.

Hello and welcome back to the weekly review. A new month has dawned: April, April, doing what he wants – they say. Although we have not presented you the versatility of the weather, but various topics from different areas of the IT world. These are your highlights of calendar week 14:

Visual Studio 2019: The new features in view

Last week, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 ( we reported ). André Krämer, Managing Director of Quality Bytes GmbH, gives us an overview of the new features in his article and presents them with illustrative examples.

Name the software correctly: “Version numbers are not a marketing tool!”

Anyone who assumes that software version numbers are a pure marketing tool has been taught a lesson by Rainer Stropek in the last week. In his column , he describes why, especially in times of cloud-based SaaS solutions, one should better invest in correct version numbers.

Modern JavaScript Frameworks and SEO: Tips and Tricks

The combination of JavaScript frameworks and SEO is considered difficult. But that does not have to be so, says Daniel Marx (Head of SEO at .kloos ). Last week, he showed how search engines work and how they process pages based on JavaScript frameworks. He also gives you tips and tricks in his article on how to create SEO-optimized JavaScript pages. You wanted to know more? Then you can read again here: “SEO optimized JavaScript pages create” .

CMF functions for symfony applications

For the operation of a webshop CMS functions are necessary. Even if the content is not the focus, many applications have a content management system in the background. Often it does not need a whole CMS, but it is sufficient for individual functions. The question arises: Do you set up a whole CMS or just build the necessary functions? There are some CMS on the market that have their strengths in different areas. However, if you want to combine them with an existing Symfony application, for example, this can be difficult. Maximilian Berghoff (Mayflower GmbH) tackles this problem and shows in his first part of the article series how it can still work: “Part 1: Content in a Block Structure” .

“Content marketing is not another channel for advertising messages!”

In an interview with marketing expert Susanne Harnisch, co-director of XO Projects GmbH, on content marketing, we explored the questions of what content marketing means and why a content marketing strategy is essential. In addition, Susanne Harnisch has explained to you what makes a good story and how to look the customer in the head, so to speak. As part of the interview, she also gave an overview of the contents of her session at the webinar 2019 in Berlin in early June. Curious? The interview can be read here .


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