Visual Studio 2019 is here – these are the highlights!


Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2019. What are the most important new features of the development environment? Not only on the surface and the new function Visual Studio Live Share has been worked on, but VS 2019 also brings some news for a variety of programming languages.

Visual Studio 2019 has been released with many new features: the interface and application of the integrated development environment with the new Live Share feature, but also the performance, debugging and diagnostics have been redesigned. Of course, the preview of C # 8.0 and the development for the target platform .NET Core 3 should not be missing, and also the newly released F # 4.6 was considered with new features. The launch event for Visual Studio 2019 provided insights into the new features.

Visual Studio Live Share

A lot has happened in the use of the integrated development environment: Visual Studio Live Share enables real-time collaborative editing and debugging. Team members do not have to clone a repository or set up their environment. Live Share is in a stable version in Visual Studio 2019, so far it was only available as a preview. Jon Chu, Program Manager for Visual Studio Live Share, demonstrates the feature:

For more information about Visual Studio Live Share, visit the blog entry .

Start window and search function

The new start window should show the last projects in a clear way and also the search function has been revised. Project templates can, for. Example by entering the title, the description or the tags are found.

The example from Microsoft shows the new startup window:

Visual studio 2019 start window

New startup window in Visual Studio 2019; Source: Microsoft

Performance through AI

The optional extension IntelliCode has been newly developed. IntelliCode includes IntelliSense, an AI-based text prediction tool. IntelliSense aims to achieve higher performance. IntelliCode currently supports C #, C ++ and XAML – and more languages ​​are already in the planning stage. Many more features in Visual Studio 2019 are also intended to increase performance.

New features for C #, C ++, F # and more

Visual Studio 2019 includes some previewing features for C # 8.0 that will be released with the release of .NET Core 3. The used version of C # is now based on the target framework. When .NET Core 3.0 is developed, the preview of C # 8.0 is automatically selected. Previously, the last major release version was always selected by default and had to be changed manually for each project.

C ++ is supported by Visual Studio Live Share, which enables real-time collaboration. Microsoft recommends using libraries like STL for C ++ when using IntelliCode for AI-based completion.

F # is also not empty: F # 4.6 has been released and brings some new features. The focus was on improving performance. In the course of the year not only F # 5 will be published, but also F # for machine learning.

Support for Python, JavaScript and TypeScript as well as for mobile development with Xamarin and the development of UWP apps has also been enhanced in Visual Studio 2019.

Further innovations

Other innovations include customization in general debugging and diagnostics, which among other things should facilitate the debugging of very large applications. Extensions will also tell you at a glance if they are offered for free, trial or paid. The templates for Office, SharePoint and VSTO have been redesigned, and also the development with Team Explorer and Azure DevOps has been changed.

For more information about Visual Studio 2019 and download, visit the entry on the Visual Studio Blog.


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