Unbreakable glass cell phone screens that mimic shells


Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have created a new type of glass that is five times more durable than conventional glass. It consists of an acrylic material that the microstructure and in general the device chosen by the researchers to use to form the glass gave it exceptional strength and durability.

The researchers inspired the creation of glass from pearl, the substance secreted by pearl shells inside. The shell secretes tiny aragonite (Ca (CO) 3) crystals, 15 microns long and 0.5 microns thick. The crystals are arranged next to each other, forming thin layers. These superimposed layers of crystals are very strongly bonded together, with corresponding sheets, of an elastic polymer, which is also secreted by the shell. The resulting material and covers the inside of the shell is strong and durable.

The researchers copied this architecture into the glass they created to increase its impact resistance and prevent cracks. In addition, they changed the level of refraction of the material so that the glass becomes completely transparent and can thus be used as a screen for mobile phones. Researchers are continuing to try to incorporate new advanced technologies into the glass that will allow it to change its color, conductivity and mechanical properties on its own.

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