Tips for stronger online security


The online security is one of our main concerns everyone, especially now that electronic data breach risks soar.
Below, we present you three very simple online safety upgrades that will surely solve your hands:

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Download the latest version of software (firmware) of your devices

Before starting the upgrade, you would be good to get rid of unnecessary applications, which happen to be available on your device, so that the process can take place more quickly. Be sure also to have the device enough battery life, because you will need it for sure.

Such information software contains priceless security codes that will protect your computer from potential vulnerabilities. You also have the ability to automatically update installation of the software, so you will not need to repeat the process.

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Secure configuration of Wi-Fi network

First, it is considered an error that there is no password for your network, so make sure it directly. Ensure that is configured as «WPA2», on the decryption key. Install the latest updates on your router, add a difficult password that includes a combination of numbers, letters and symbols, and then, for your convenience, plug all the new network devices.

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Enhance your email password

Your e-mail address is the most important account you have on the internet and of course the most common target of unwanted offenders. Because no one wants to be hacked, we’d better create strong passwords.

Many times this is not enough, so modify the password at regular intervals to strengthen your defense against violations.


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