They saw light behind a black hole for the first time


Astronomers observed an unexpected phenomenon as they examined a black hole with a telescope.

For the first time, scientists have been able to detect flashes of light, of different shades, behind a black hole in a galaxy 800 light-years away, using a telescope.

The Roger Blandford, indirect image of the researchers of the study published in the journal “Nature”, said: “Fifty years ago when astrophysicists began to speculate how perhaps behave the magnetic field near a black hole, there were idea that one day we will have techniques to observe it immediately and see Einstein’s theory of relativity in action. “

Stanford University astrophysicist Dan Wilkins commented: “Every light that goes into this black hole never goes out, so we should not see anything behind the black hole. The reason we can see it is because the black hole distorts space, bends light and rotates magnetic fields around itself. “

The discovery, according to the Guardian , confirms Albert Einstein’s theory that gravitational pull from black holes actually bends the rays of light around them and gives scientists the first picture of what lies behind.

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