The YouTube brings HDR videos on Samsung Quantum Dot TV and UHD TVs 2016!


Samsung has announced that it will support the global HDR playback of YouTube for the first time on TV, via an extension of the application of YouTube. H YouTube application is available on all Samsung Quantum dot TVs and UHD TVs of 2016 and will gradually be launched worldwide in December.

YouTube will support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video streaming, offering a wide range of HDR content. It is available through an automated software upgrade and consumers who use any TV Samsung Quantum dot TV and UHD TV 2016 can access the HDR content. Selecting category HDR, through the YouTube app on YouTube channel 4K, the user can easily browse and enjoy content with superb image quality.

As Seline said Han, Vice President of Visual Display Business Division at Samsung Electronics

With the availability of Youtube HDR worldwide, we at Samsung support enthusiastically the best HDR viewing experience and a wide range of HDR content that users can enjoy. We are confident that our TVs will offer an immersive viewing experience HDR, which users will be able to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. “

Upon launch, the application will display new HDR videos by famous YouTube content creators, such as MysteryGuitarMan and Jacob + Katie Schwarz. To further ensure the creation of a new HDR content, the ability to material given YouTube creators make use of the YouTube sites in Los Angeles and New York, giving them content HDR production.

Given the increasing number of providers HDR content and the many authors who already produce content HDR Video, the HDR support from YouTube is expected to offer more options in the coming year and to meet user demand for a real viewing experience .

The Heather Thompson Rivera, Director of Product Partnerships to YouTube, added

“We are excited to announce the HDR support for Quantum dot TVs of Samsung. Combining the commitment of Samsung for our quality of image and the desire to offer the best content available, we will work to build a strong ecosystem, which will enhance the creation of HDR content and allow users to enjoy different content to better possible quality. “

The HDR is emerging as one of the most sought after display technologies in recent years. It is a video player technology that analyzes the contrast ratio of a video to assist in the performance of even the most minute differences in shades and color tones. Together with Quantum dot TVs of Samsung, the image produced appears even more realistic and vibrant on the screen. Furthermore, Samsung Quantum dot TVs have the ability to produce maximum brightness 1,000 nits, offering the most ideal HDR viewing experience.

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