The TV that removes satellite dishes and decoders


The new generation of smart TVs has wireless internet connection capabilities to provide streaming services. But most satellite and pay-per-view channels still require satellite dishes, set-top boxes, and TVs.

Britain’s oldest pay-per-view channel, Sky, has introduced a TV set that can broadcast on TV networks without having to connect to dishes and set-top boxes. Sky Glass, as the device is called, can naturally broadcast Sky as well as the television networks that broadcast their program over the Internet. This is an Ultra HD TV that will be sold in three sizes (43.55 and 65 inches) and five colors for everyone to choose the one that suits their space and aesthetics.

This TV also has voice recognition technology with which the owner can tell the device which show or movie he wants to watch. It can also turn down or turn up the volume with voice commands. The device allows the creation of a “list of favorite programs” so that its owner does not look for the remote control while it also has a “restart” function with which one can continue watching a show or movie from the point where for some reason stopped viewing .

These types of TVs are expected to become very popular in the coming years as they eliminate the need to purchase and install dishes and decoders while at the same time providing a solution to households that for various reasons can not install satellite dishes in their homes. The manufacturers of Sky Glass say that the device is the first in the world to be certified as “carbon neutral” and that it is designed to be energy efficient and generally environmentally friendly.

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