The strange being of water that walks and regenerates from its ashes


The BBC presented an issue about a sea creature with very special “super” powers. The Axolotl amphibian has the ability to regenerate when it is injured, when it even loses parts of it, or when a part of its body becomes infected.

Fran, the little Axolotl, studied by a team of scientists lost more than half his face due to a very aggressive infection.

Today, however, there is not even a sign from the period that he was infected and his face has been completely restored.

Axolotl or “Mexican fish” is in danger of extinction due to the great pollution in the seas of Mexico while scientists are trying to save the species because it is considered our hope for important information about the healing of skin wounds.

Significant funds have already been secured for his rescue by pharmaceutical companies dealing with diseases that require skin rejuvenation.

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