The rift of St. Andrew has … a brother in Space


Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite, has been found to be in a geo-atmospheric state similar to that of Earth in the early stages of its existence. This made Titan a constant target of observation and study to find evidence that reveals evidence of the evolution of our planet.

These observations and researches at the same time revealed various kinds of data that indicate that Titan can support some life forms. The NASA has announced it will send a drone exploration of Titan and also made colonization satellite designs.

A team of researchers led by planetary scientists from the University of Hawaii in their publication in the review “Icarus” report that on Titan there is a tectonic fault similar to the famous fault of St. Andrew. It is a continental displacement fault that stretches for about 1,200 kilometers along California. Researchers say the rift on Titan appears to be active. This means that the activity of the fault can create conditions friendly to the presence of life.

The researchers say that the materials and especially the liquids that exist in the subsoil of Titan can with the activations of the fault diffuse on its surface creating conditions suitable for life. “It’s a fascinating discovery. “Our research findings show that there are active geological mechanisms on Titan that create corridors to bring liquid from the inside to the surface that will affect its habitat,” said Lillian Burkhardt, head of the research team.

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