The LG is developing smart appliances of the Deep Learning technology


In order to evolve the functionality of home appliances, LG is going to provide an unparalleled level of performance and convenience at home with Deep Learning technology, which will be presented during the CES 2017. H Deep Learning LG’s technology will allow home appliances to better understand their users, collecting and studying their habits. This process never ends and improves over time to provide consumers with new solutions to everyday problems.

Robot Cleaner: Upgraded performance through Memory

By using multiple sensors and Deep Learning technology, new LG robot cleaner recognizes objects in the room and reacts accordingly. By capturing images of the surface area, the smart cleaner that remembers the obstacles and learns slowly to avoid them. Recognizes even the wires and shoes, thus avoiding to block somewhere and requires human intervention. Moreover, the smart robot vacuum cleaner separates the people from the objects and specifically ask the person causing the person to move, and can maneuver around an object, such as a chair.

Refrigerator: Smart Easy

The Deep Learning LG’s technology also offers greater convenience to consumers. By analyzing the lifestyle and use, the refrigerator performs a series of steps providing for the family’s activities in line with previous actions, such as automatically filling the ice tray by time of day when demand for cool beverages is increased. In summer, the smart refrigerator activates itself the 4-step operation for sterilization to lengthen the average life of foods when they ‘feel’ that the temperature and humidity can spoil food.

Conditioners: Energy Efficiency and Faster Performance

The intelligent air conditioner LG, equipped with the Deep Learning technology, analyze daily user behavior, including both home points used more specific times during the day. With this information, the air is able to determine how to provide the most appropriate temperatures quickly and effectively, providing rapid cooling at specific points. For example, during the weekend the salon can be the place that needs more cooling or heating, but on weekdays, the kitchen can be the center of activity at home.

Laundry: Optimum performance in every situation

The new technology helps the washing machine from LG to ‘learn’ the environment and the daily activities of the user, to provide optimal washing performance. For example, in areas with hard water (excessive calcium carbonate) smart washing machine from LG regulates the water temperature and the amount used to counter the effects of hard water on clothes. In areas where dust storms often occur, the machine automatically adds an extra wash cycle for even cleaner clothes.

As said Song Dae-hyun, President of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company,

“The Deep Learning technology is the next phase in the development of smart devices, and as an industry leader, we have the responsibility to be pioneers. But even more important than the capabilities of the device, it is the way companies behave when they have trusted data. At LG, we believe that we should not compromising the performance and convenience for security and privacy. They can and must exist simultaneously “

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