The drill of the robotic Curiosity stuck on Mars


Technical problem that prevents the movement facing the small drill that uses robotic rovers of NASA Curiosity to take samples of the soil of Mars.

Engineers and scientists at the control center are trying to solve the problem, which has necessarily stop “walks” rover, slowly climbed Mount Sharp, where there is increasing evidence for conditions friendly to life once.

The Curiosity -a mobile scientific ergastirio- reached neighboring planet four years ago and since then continually takes samples from the soil of Mars, which makes chemical analyzes. Today is located about 200 meters from where they landed in August 2012.

The technical problem appeared a week ago, and while initially thought that was viewed, reappeared even more strongly, as did famous NASA scientists at the international conference of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, according to Reuters.

At the same conference, researchers reported that for the first time detected on Mars the chemical element boron. The presence of -which facilitates the formation of the sugar ribose and the RNA molecule (present in all cells of living beings Earth) – may be another indication that once the “Red” planet had conditions friendly life.

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