The construction of the city without roads and cars began


It was reported that Saudi Arabia wanted to build a science fiction movie in a northwestern part of the country. The city has been named Neom and the plan is not to have roads and cars and in general to operate energy but also in every aspect in a completely environmentally friendly way. The project is seen as an attempt to rid Saudi Arabia of fossil fuels, although it remains the world’s largest oil exporter.

The city will be located in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia, starting from a mountainous area and ending in the Red Sea. Last January, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the successor to the throne of Saudi Arabia, who is acting prime minister and defense minister, announced in a televised address that construction work on Neom would begin soon. As he had originally said, the “backbone” of the city will be built, which is called “The Line”.

As its name suggests, this is a straight axis 170 km long which will consist of three levels, a surface and two underground. On the first level, on the ground, the spaces and facilities where the residents and visitors of the city will live will be constructed. The second level will move the means of transport of residents and visitors of Neom who in this way will be able to move from anywhere in the city to any other in a maximum time of 20 minutes. On the third level of the city will be installed all the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the city.

The total cost of building Neom is estimated at $ 500 billion and the cost of Line at $ 100-200 billion. The works for the creation of the Line started with the first bulldozers and machines to dig the ground and start to create the tunnels through the mountains through which this. Line will pass. In fact, the work will probably not be done from one side to the other, but two working groups will be created that will start the works from opposite points of the axis and will proceed to meet in its center. The goal of the manufacturers is the projects to be completed by 2023 and Neom to be ready to welcome its first residents in 2024.

The builders even say that the natural landscape of the area will remain the same at 95% which is another ambitious goal. According to the plan, the city will be able to accommodate one million people. Neom will have schools, restaurants, shops and everything else has a modern city which will be built with the logic of small cells that each will have everything a resident needs to live there and what is in a cell will be accessible by feet at times not exceeding five minutes walk. The construction of the city will create about 380 thousand new jobs, which is expected to have a positive impact on the economy of Saudi Arabia.

“Why should we sacrifice nature for the sake of development? Why do seven million people die every year from the infection? “Why do one million people have to die in road accidents every year?” had said in his sermon Bin Salman wanting to explain the decision to create Neom. It now remains to be seen if this project will be implemented and of course it will be of great interest to see what such a city will be like and how it will work.

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