Strong momentum of smartphones in searches for markets


Event entitled Think Mobile organized by Google in Athens, in order to highlight the potential of mobile phones to internet searches to shopping.

In particular, the last two searches for purchases via mobile phones soared, overtaking those made from desktop computers, according to data released by Google. This year the trend was reinforced both globally and in Greece, where 58% of the population now uses “smart” mobile phones.
Mr. Gregory Zarifopoulos, Country Manager for Greece, Cyprus and Malta, said during the import, that mobile phones, coupled with the Internet, have radically changed the way consumers look for products and do research their most important markets.

Then discussed issues concerning the future of technology and recent innovations has unveiled by Google in the world of mobile phones. Furthermore, presented the new possibilities provided by the programmatic advertising, the power of video communication in the era of mobile phones thanks to YouTube, while the most recent data that highlights the role of mobile phones while presented to product buying process.

By Google, in investigation, thoroughly studied the path that a consumer in order to make a purchase via the mobile device. Once aware of the need to make a purchase, until reaching the final choice.

Specifically, market purchases in the category Clothing & Footwear are often impulsive, with 30% of respondents confirm that they took a decision in the moment. Consumers in this category based on their mobile phones, with 26% of respondents have done searches mainly of them, while 60% said they watch video on the products they intend to buy.

Convenience was cited as the biggest benefit in searches via smartphones, with 47% declare a preference in this way. Moreover, 26% of respondents said they visited the physical stores as a result of their search.

On the other hand, 92% concerned spend significant time for research products relating to House & Decoration, 40% carry out market research via their mobile device.

In the category of Skin Care, 35% of respondents said they used their mobile phone to search for a product, but the market share in this sector in Greece reached only 2%.

“We note that thanks to mobile phones that users have easy and constant access to market products and provide more research opportunities and markets,” said Mr. Zarifopoulos.

“In fact, for many consumers, the smartphones are the gateway before buying. This is even more pronounced during the holidays. Businesses help consumers find the products they need to find specific items they want and eventually buy freely the device you have chosen, you will be able to emerge victorious in this buying trip through mobile phones, “he concluded own.

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