SEO 2019 – these trends will dominate next year


The year 2018 is coming to an end and the new one is just around the corner. In online marketing , the current topics and trends are discussed year after year. The following SEO trends for the year 2019 should be kept on the screen and focused in the optimization.

Voice Search – more than just a buzzword?

It’s no secret that Alexa, Siri or the Google assistant dominate households and our everyday lives. In 2020, the use of voice search of 50 percent is predicted. But what does that mean for SEO?

When researching search terms, different sources should be included to get a comprehensive view of the search queries. These include the Google Keyword Planner , Google Suggest & Related and W-Questions tools like Answerthepublic. The Google Suggests can also be researched with About suggest or the KW Finder. This gives many questions, which in turn can be meaningfully used in content. These conversational keywords, which are searches for a language search, help to optimize your own content on voice search.

Quality content and focus on voice search

High quality content will be the alpha and omega again next year. Without qualitative content, there are no long-term rankings. Through so-called content clustering, the topic area is structured and meaningfully displayed along the user journey on the website. With further media content such as pictures, videos or graphics, the own pages can gain further relevance. The goal is to present an authority in its own complex of topics. For search engines, this is an important quality indicator.

The focus in voice search will increasingly be reflected in the creation of content. Semantic awards mark information or text sections in a structured manner. This will help language assistants, in this case Google Home, recognize and play content more easily. Currently, this is done via the markup (award) “speakable”.

At the moment, Google only uses this feature with news publishers in English-speaking countries. 2019 will do a lot here and the feature will also play a role outside the US.

Featured snippet as a basis for relevance

With Featured Snippets , Google is trying to take another important step towards voice search. Certain queries are answered directly in the search results. In SEO, this is called position 0. This is the best-placed result for this type of search query. Featured snippets are usually W questions that are asked and answered by ranking websites.

Featured snippet SEO 2019

This is ideal from the point of view of voice search. Google has compact answers to thousands of questions. So what can I do as an SEO?

When content creation, pay attention to the structuring of the content and pick up on the question in a headline. Trigger words make it easier for search engines to recognize the answer.

Mobile Indexing: What’s Next?

Google switched to thousands of mobile indexing sites during 2018. Around 60 percent of search queries in Germany come from mobile devices, so it makes sense to use the mobile version as your primary point of contact. But how is it going on here? The beginning was made by Google. For website owners, this means focusing SEO strategies and actions even more on mobile devices.

Due to Google’s AMP offensive and the speed update, which now describes the loading time in the mobile search as an official ranking factor, websites need to provide additional technical support.

In order to get no disadvantages in the rankings in mobile indexing, one should ask the following questions:

  • Is my content (content) suitable for mobile use and “snackable”?
  • Are important contents also mobile available?
  • Is the load time on mobile devices acceptable?
  • Can I use structured data?
  • Should I consider AMP or PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?
  • Is the structure of the internal linking implemented correctly on the mobile variant?

User experience: focus on the user intent

User behavior is worth it for Google Gold. Because this can be evaluated how relevant a search result is or can be. Since Google’s learning algorithm Rankbrain has done a lot in the ranking factors in SEO: The ranking is no longer determined by rigid factors, but is subject to various influences that are not so clearly outlined.

It is obvious that Google also uses data such as the clickthrough rate or the search history of a user to better exploit the search results. The best user experience – that’s what Google is aiming for. For website owners should apply the same. Only through satisfied users and the knowledge of what the user wants, a positive user experience can be guaranteed. The right design, implicit triggers and emotionality, conversion-optimized landing pages, relevant content and excellent usability are topics that determine the success in SEO. Especially in view of the increasing mobile usage, these topics will increasingly find their way into the SEO optimization in 2019.

So pay attention to:

  • Attractive design that is geared towards the target group
  • Usability-optimized means SEO-optimized
  • Conversion-optimized landing pages (clear structuring, CTA)
  • Clear focus on user needs (user intent)


The year 2019 brings some exciting new features in terms of voice-search, which may also develop differently in individual industries. Some challenges will also be technical. Satisfactory performance or loading time on mobile devices will present (feasible) challenges to one or the other website operator. But if I want to be relevant in the mobile Google search, there is no way around it.

Combining SEO, usability and conversion optimization will be a new task for some companies. For a satisfying surfing experience and a long-term ranking, these topics are still of great importance. In terms of on-page SEO and content will not change much next year. The focus on relevant, search engine optimized content along the user journey will continue to be an important part of an SEO strategy.

Are there things that have not been mentioned and that you want to supplement? Write it in the comments!

Until then, Happy Optimizing!


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