Samsung is planning to launch two types of foldable smartphone


The Samsung seems to be determined to bring folding smartphone market, but the strategy to be successful you need a very good plan. Fortunately, it just believes and as Samsung, at least according to the latest information from South Korea.

The Korean media reports has a two-tier strategy that will help the company transition to foldable smartphone market much smoother.

Basically, Samsung plans to launch two types of foldable smartphones and observe the behavior of customers towards them. If both proved popular, the company will start its mass production.

Also, the first foldable smartphone from Samsung will be launched in 2017, but will come in limited quantities, as the South Korean company plans to test the market.

So what exactly are these different types of foldable smartphone? Well, it seems that Samsung has already developed a smartphone with dual screen that uses a flat screen on either side, while the other will be a foldable smartphone that will bend due to the single flexible OLED display.

Only the dual screen model will probably be launched on the market in 2017 and really foldable smartphone has a flexible OLED panels and sometime in 2018 will be introduced.

The dual-screen smartphone that will be launched by the company in 2017 will not have a flexible screen but with a hinge in the middle. As no separate screen when folded, is more like a tablet when you open it.

The truly foldable smartphone that will launch the Samsung 2018 at the earliest, will come with innovative hardware developed by the company of South Korea. As mentioned previously, the display of this phone is flexible.

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