Research: Indian Coder is better than Chinese, but very far from American coder


An unexpected survey by multinational companies specializing in the assessment of personnel capacity Aspiring Minds pointed out, Indian engineers have better programming skills than Chinese engineers but remain inferior to quite a lot of American engineers.

According to the Aspiring Minds National Employment report, 8/10 Indian engineers are unemployed in the knowledge economy. Although the number of Indian engineers is three times more than that of China, they cannot write the most accurate and workable code.

Indian Coder

This also means that the computer will not be able to convert the code into the language it understands and executes the commands.

According to survey data, 4.7% of Indian engineers, 2.1% of Chinese engineers and 18.8% of US engineers in the IT industry have good writing skills.

Interestingly, Indian engineers wrote code better than China, but the proportion of Indian engineers who did not write code was quite high, up to 37.7% compared to China 10.4%. This figure for US engineers is only 4%.

Indian engineering students show better learning potential than Chinese students. They can write code that works well but their coding performance does not seem higher than that of American programmers.

Indian Coders

Data from the Aspiring Minds National Employment show that the percentage of American engineers is much better than Indian engineers. In addition, the number of American engineers who are able to write code correctly is 4 times more than that of Indian engineers. This is quite surprising because the US technicians are about 4 times smaller than India.

Through these figures, it is clear that India will have more work to do to improve the quality of programming engineers in a more and more fierce global competition environment.

In order for Indian engineers to continue to compete in the global labor market, they need to equip themselves with new skills in artificial intelligence, data, cloud computing and mobility. The co-founder and chief technology officer of Aspiring Minds, Varun Aggarwal, said that less than 3% of Indian engineers have these important skills.

The poor skills of Indian engineers stem from the fact that the computer training industry in this country is theoretical and hardly realistic. Only about 7% of Indian programming engineers have the opportunity to participate in internships.

Iindian Institute of Technology

Aggarwal shared: “Engineers learn everything by practicing, not reading. We find that there is a low percentage of Indian engineers taking on projects outside the curriculum and internship. Moreover India also lacks professors teaching applications of programming in industry.

He said that the Indian government needs policies to stimulate creativity and efficiency for programming, such as opening many programs to link internships to government companies.

The study took data from about 170,000 Indian engineering students and more than 40,000 and 30,000 people in the US and China.

Also in the study, there was a problem with programming profession. Only about 40% of students program seriously with internships and seek job opportunities after graduation.


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