Remastered Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare


The release of the first Modern Warfare was a turning point for the gaming industry. These before and those that followed could well take time determinations “MW before” and “after MW”. The approach “shooting gallery” with regard to game design, the perks, the killstreaks and sense of reward in multiplayer, the short and constant climaxes full of set pieces in the campaign, were all choices that defined and continue to define the way still created today titles, almost ten years later. When we talk about the remaster of such a title, the real question of one million is not “what changed?” but “standing still like then?”. Even so, for the sake of ethics, will answer both.


From the very first seconds the instrument starts, those who were involved little more with Modern Warfare and remember things, you’ll notice that beyond the overall upgrade in graphics, there are some extra details that run throughout the campaign. In the tutorial, for example, on SAS education center, there is a strong mobilization of tanks, infantry and combat aircraft, things completely absent from the original Modern Warfare. We are talking about a small detail which however, is indicative of the title reform. Obviously the same applies to the improved textures, new lighting and details on the faces of the characters approaching almost the facts of the present generation without reaching the corresponding Infinite Warfare. Even so, the work done in the technical field is exemplary for data remasters. The infamous mission “All Ghillied Up” really seems to be transformed into something even more impressive, more atmospheric and full of tension thanks to the new lighting effects presenting alomeno of nuclear leakage, Pripyat.


For those not, who have invested in good sound systems, the work done in the mastering of the sound is excellent. This is not particularly surprising to most observant, as the size of the installation file exceeds 40GB. We can, however, say the same for the gameplay remains grounded in it. The feeling in the arms (especially if the hit indicator is not activated) in conjunction with the trivial animation of 2007, leaving a sense airgun. Even so, if the volume on the speakers rise, this feeling quickly subsides and the position of the roller coaster gets a campaign that can still inspire the above-average writing and directed by. Although one would expect this to remaster was an excellent opportunity to correct the issues that are still tormenting and authentic title, the Raven did not go to such movements.


The AI ​​routines, both opponents and allies remain in kindergarten levels and the player must again destroy endless waves of enemies until you make a decision to pass the imaginary map line, giving signal to the title engine stop start more. Regarding the game design, talking about option automatically reveals the age of the title. but so we can not say for the multiplayer game. There ximerovradiastikan those years ago on maps as Crash, Ambush and Crossfire, they will feel at home. The action is continuous and quite hearty. The maps, although not as symmetrical, with a wealth of opportunities for camping, and although not focus both on vertical action (as is the norm of modern shooter) remain seminars on how to set a proper multiplayer. For those who do not, wondering, yes, the Backlot continues to be for the multiplayer maps than what the Parthenon in architecture.

Finally, although, at the time of this writing, the title remains locked behind a paywall not insignificant, is not treated as such by the author. Treated as a standalone experience. As such experience, the work done in the mastering is quite thorough and approaching the standards of modern gaming but makes the outdated game design, what options it brings with it, apart -kapos avola- even more. But there, there is still a multiplayer that only as “classic” can be defined.

This is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare in the year 2016. Something that balances between obsolescence and timeless (with the balance leaning a little more towards the second) and to undress a olakeri games decade shouting that things have not changed much.



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