New battery graphene super capacitor promises full charge in seconds and autonomy of one week


The last time we heard about the revolutionary technology on the batteries was last August when SolidEnergy Systems promised to double the autonomy of mobile devices with a new Li-Metal battery that supposedly would be released in November, but the month is nearing to finish and we still have not seen anything. We keep small basket in respect schedules that give our companies and research centers, however, we do not lose anything to be informed of a new attempt.

A group of researchers of the University of Central Florida (UCF) has developed a new manufacturing process of flexible graphene supercapacitors can store more energy and be recharged more than 30,000 times without their degradation.

According to researchers, if used in smartphones, then they can be fully recharged within seconds and offer autonomy of one week until needed again recharge them. Further, ultrathin and flexible construction will offer companies the opportunity to create even thinner portable devices or to exploit the room for improvement of other characteristics.

And as we said at the beginning, this battery is not ready for commercial use, nor know if it ever will really manage to exploit their technology.

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