Life is Strange 2 – Roads: Under Wolves


Dontnod and Square Enix finally deliver the first installment of “Life Is Strange 2”. And it is already clear: “Roads” is a game to howl.

It starts … let’s say, lethargic. It takes a while for the first decision to be made. Should Sean smoke a cigarette with his best friend Lyla or not? Phew. Heavily heavy. His biggest fear: to be caught by dear dad! The second decision is even more piquant because Lyla writes him everything that he should get for the evening party, with a pen on the hand. But what is the last symbol? A penis ??? Well, Sean must know that himself …

Pre-Test: Life is Strange 2

The playful element has been reduced even further in the first part of “Life is Strange 2”. And yet there is no boredom due to the noticeably reduced speed, on the contrary. And even if the scope of the decision situation can not be assessed conclusively, it is already clear that players with heart are again moved to tears. The first should already have flowed. It’s amazing how much sensible feeling the French development team has already transported in “Roads”. And it should be more in the announced four other parts. There is only one thing to say: “Merci”!

The entry takes a little, the character drawings succeed for it all the better. So if the player does not get too impatient, the player closes people in the heart or does not like them – no one remains indifferent. For again, the Dontnod development studio succeeds in creating credible characters – neither clichéd nor clichéd – in the game “live” just people like you and me!

Life is strange 2 ps4 screen shot 1

Life Is Strange 2: brothers like wolves

First and foremost there are the brothers Sean and Daniel, who are dependent on each other after the blatant event at the beginning (see below, Gamescom preview) and feel like a wolf pack without their leader. In addition to the pseudo-adult big brother Sean and his just as nice as annoying, little scion Daniel, there are the abgespacte best friend Lyla, Esteban, the worried, nice and alone father of Mexican descent, the stupid neighbor boy Brett, the redneckige type Hank Stomper and his oppressed wife or the Michael Moore look-alike Brody helping the brothers duo. All of them take the player emotionally, all of them are not 08/15 characters that everyone quickly forgets.

Life is strange 2 ps4 screen shot 2

So much for the new heroes who are moving from Seattle to Arcadia Bay in the direction of Mexico (“Puerto Lobos”) – a road movie for young and young at heart. And although manufacturer Square Enix announces a lot of news, actually everything seems somehow comfortable and familiar. Sean’s first real job to pack his backpack for the Friday party, he runs through his own home. He has to pack something here, something to steal, read something here, watch something, always guided by impressions of the game and animated to decisions like “beer” or “soda”, “biscuits” or “chips”. It’s about contacting Lyla via face-chatting, liking photos of her friends on Facebook or hawing Vaddi … What a teenager does – and then has to bear the consequences. In the first three hours, the consequences of each decision were not yet so intense, but that was already the case in the predecessors – the longer the playing time, the deeper the feelings. By the way, the Syd-Matters music again underlined – so beautiful melancholy can sound! And: As well as the experienced “Life Is Strange” player feels, he gets served next to people and story more, real changes.

Life is strange 2 ps4 screen shot 3

If the predecessor’s friendship was perhaps the biggest topic, it is now about the relationship between two brothers. How far can the great Sean be a substitute for Daniel, how can he educate him? Among other things, he does this by not pretending to make any decisions, but discussing alternatives with letting and thus giving him security. In addition, the dialogue system has changed, because Sean can now respond directly to environmental conversations, and continue to “talk” with Daniel during other actions (walking, running, investigating …). This gives the quite leisurely game a new dynamic. The Daniel himself reinforced. Because he has his own head, that is, his AI steers the little man, but Sean can influence them by utterances and deeds. One of the strengths of the predecessors was the strong connection to reality. So also in “Roads”: The brothers of Mexican descent encounter again and again xenophobic behavior and prejudice, which culminate in a “Euretwegen we build the wall” statement. Meaningful social criticism, playfully packed!

Life Is Strange 2: different atmosphere

Pleasant atmosphere wins “Life Is Strange 2 – Roads” through the improved graphics thanks to the “Unreal Engine 4”. Inspire wide perspectives, but also nice ideas like a raindrop-covered side window with our seated in the car protagonist provide impressive, eye-catching effects in the usual, natural style. Finally, the game in the first part suggests a new, supernatural ability. She has Daniel. Already in the fatal kick-off scene with the police flying through the air he becomes – overpowered by the trauma – active. Later, he completely upsets a motel room when his brother tells him the truth about what happened. Finally, Daniel asks his brother why he himself is “different” – and the cliffhanger after the end credits makes an object fly through the air – total telekinesis, but not yet playable!

Life is strange 2 ps4 screen shot 4

How it goes on, whether Daniel brings the world back in the joints, Sean really meets his secret love, at least again meets with his best friend and whether it was really a penis, which Lyla has painted on his hand, we learn in the four more episodes from “Life Is Strange 2” to “Roads”.

Life Is Strange 2: Gamescom preview

Read the preview of the thishjigen Gamescom: “Life is Strange”, the French indie studio Dontnod Entertainment delivered in early 2015 a coming-of-age drama in episodic format, the critics and fans with profound characters and moving story enthusiastic. Even the prequel “Life is Strange – Before the Storm” was able to convince – despite the change of developers – on the whole line. However, for the successor “Life is Strange 2” again Dontnod has taken the helm. COMPUTER BILD SPIELE was allowed to take a look at the game even before the official start of Gamescom 2018 during a press event.

Life is Strange 2: new heroes, new story

With “Life is Strange”, the French indie studio Dontnod Entertainment delivered an coming-of-age drama in episodic format in early 2015, which thrilled critics and fans alike with its deep characters and moving story. Even the prequel “Life is Strange – Before the Storm” was able to convince – despite the change of developers – on the whole line. However, for the successor “Life is Strange 2” again Dontnod has taken the helm. COMPUTER BILD SPIELE allowed the game even before the official start of Gamescom 2018 during a press event under the magnifying glass. The fulcrum of “Life is Strange 2” is the fate of the two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, the protagonist Max and inherit Chloe from the previous game. So the creators set new figures and a completely independent action, which is why even beginners can easily start. Sean, 16, and Daniel, 9, live together with their father in a relatively quiet neighborhood on the US West Coast metropolis of Seattle. The story takes its course when Sean returns from school one day and is surprised on the way home by his best friend Lyla at the bus stop.

Life is strange 2 for ps4

Lyla is as curious as ever, grabs Sean’s cell phone and finds out that she is exchanging text messages with another girl named Jenn Murphy. Already here, the audience feels: Lyla seems to like Sean pretty much. But instead of telling him that, she rather plays the cool and even gives Sean flirting tips for an upcoming teenage party, which the protagonist absolutely wants to visit together with Jenn. While the initial small talk with Lyla still runs as a classic cutscene, the player controls Sean in the following section himself, explores his own home and tells other characters Hello. It starts with Sean’s father. This is repairing a car in the garage and pushes his son after a short discussion $ 40 for the upcoming party in the hand. A little later, Sean meets his little brother Daniel, who does not want to let him in his room, because he is tinkering there on a costume for the upcoming Halloween feast.

Fate takes its course

Keyword celebrations: In order to optimally prepare for the teenage party outlined above, in the following game section you have to get drinks out of the fridge, pack everything in a sports bag and then call Lyla via video chat. So far so good. But when Sean hears screams from the front yard in the middle of a conversation with Lyla, the story takes a sudden turn. As it turns out, Daniel accidentally splattered the white T-shirt of a much older neighbor boy called Brett with the artificial blood that was supposed to be used for his Halloween costume. Brett is furious and goes for Daniel.

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  1. I know a lot of people are hurt that it doesn’t continue the Chloe/Max story but I’m happy with the direction DONTNOD is headed with these games. Creating a sort of gaming universe where all these strange mishaps occur to different people, not just a recurring set. Who knows? Maybe characters will crossover in future games.

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