Lenovo Moto G7: Notes on four smartphone models


The Moto-G series includes Lenovo’s most successful phones. According to rumors, the Lenovo Moto G7 appears in four versions: Standard, Plus, Play and Power?

According to industry insider Evan Blass, this year Lenovo says goodbye to many of the Motorola brand smartphones. Moto C, Moto M and Moto X are therefore not successors. The situation is different with the Moto G: According to Blass, the bestseller of the company appears in a fresh version in 2019 – more precisely, in four different model variants. Via Twitter, the expert explained that Lenovo is releasing a Moto G7 Play, a Moto G7 Plus and a Moto G7 Power in addition to the standard version of the hit smartphone.

Lenovo Moto G7: Standard, Plus, Play and Power?

Details on the models remained the insider guilty, but the names provide room for speculation. Already weeks ago, the first indications of a Moto G7 and a Moto G7 Plus were circulating. It seems clear that this is the regular version and the larger top model. The Play version is probably, as with previous models, the cheap entry-level version. The Moto G7 Power, however, may be waiting with a particularly strong battery. Insiders speculate that Lenovo merges the previous model lines into one. The first image material of the Moto G7 has also leaked out and shows a display with narrow edges and a very small screen recess for the speaker and camera. What does Lenovo say about all the rumors? So far nothing: official confirmations are pending.

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