Johnny-Five 1.0 is here: Programming robots with JavaScript


With JavaScript you can do everything – even programming robots! Johnny-Five, a JavaScript robotics programming framework, has now been released in version 1.0. Innovations did not exist – why?

The answer to the question of what’s new in Johnny-Five 1.0 is answered quickly: Nothing. This writes Lyza Danger Gardner in the blog post for the release of the new version. Why was v1.0 published then? The answer to this is provided by the minutes of the Johnny-Five Collaborator Summit on the JSConf US.

Johnny-Five 1.0 is here

For the upcoming versions of Johnny-Five some breaking changes are planned, for example freq in the constructor options should be replaced by period , this.emit("read") will be completely removed from the code. The minutes of the meeting lists some such changes and explains that the progress has been blocked by the tool’s versioning strategy so far: they wanted to enter all the breaking changes before a release of version 1.0, but could not do so. That is why they have now decided for a semantic versioning and the previous version 0.15.1 released as version 1.0. So you can now insert more Breaking Changes in the semantic versioning style step by step.

Johnny-Five is a framework that supports working in IoT and Robotics with JavaScript. The framework includes support for application development on all Arduino models, Electric Imp, Beagle Bone, Intel Galileo and Edison, Linino One, Pinoccio, pcDuino3, the Raspberry Pi, Particle / Spark Core and Photon, Tessel 2 and TI Launchpad , Johnny-Five brings APIs for hardware projects that can be extended with several other JavaScript libraries. On the project page on npm , examples are Express.js and; But Bluetooth game controllers such as the XBox Controller and DualShock can also be used for Johnny Five projects.

Hello World? Hello Johnny!

The IoT equivalent to the classic “Hello World” is the blinking LED light around the IoT. In the script, the code looks like this:

[cc lang=”javascript”]var five = require(“johnny-five”);
var board = new five.Board();

board.on(“ready”, function() {
// Create an Led on pin 13
var led = new five.Led(13);
// Blink every half second

The installation via npm is possible as follows: npm install johnny-five.

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