JavaScript in numbers: Everyone loves Vue.js and GraphQL


JavaScript developers can discuss the results of two studies. There is agreement on two points: Vue.js and GraphQL are on the rise.

Both the makers of the Node Package Manager (npm) and the heads behind the report “The State of JavaScript” have published their respective studies for the year 2018. Two statements underpin the numbers of both publications: The JavaScript framework Vue.js is becoming increasingly popular, and the popularity of the GraphQL query language is growing at a rapid pace. But top dog in the frontend still seems to be reacting – albeit with less growth than last year.

Originally developed by Facebook Query language GraphQL seems unstoppable. npm is seeing tremendous year-over-year growth from download numbers from the popular GraphQL client library Apollo. A view supported by the “State of JavaScript”: 20.4 percent of respondents already use GraphQL, and over 62.5 percent have heard of it and want to learn it. The study awarded GraphQL a “Most Interesting” award – nearly 90 percent of those already familiar with GraphQL want to engage with it.

The figures for Vue.js are similarly sunny: 28.8 percent of respondents are already using it, another 46.6 percent are familiar with the framework and want to learn more about it. npm continues to underpin the numbers: According to their study, the growth of the framework continues – the authors of the study even speculate that Vue.js may be responsible for React’s declining growth.

However, React still has almost no way around: both studies report user numbers of over 60 percent of the participants for Facebook’s JavaScript library. The numbers of Angular are probably stable compared to last year. At least the numbers in the “State of JavaScript” but speak of a dissatisfaction of the Angular users: 33.8 percent have probably used the framework before, but would not do it again.

Overview of the development of the JavaScript frameworks

Overview of the development of the JavaScript frameworks (Picture: npm)

“The State of JavaScript” is a 2016 annual poll among JavaScript developers. The creators ask the participants about a broad topic area around JavaScript development, from front-end frameworks to test libraries and much more. The study for this year has probably taken over 20,000 developers, of which 1064 are from Germany. On the website, interested people can click through the results.

The npm package manager, on the other hand, uses a different approach for their study that relies on user and download numbers. As a result, npm has 10 million users downloading over 30 billion packets each month. In addition, npm, along with the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation, surveyed over 16,000 developers. The full study has provided npm in a PDF.


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