JavaScript Electron 4.0: base update and IPC security


The current version 4.0 of the Javascript Framework Electron brings updates for its fundamentals Chromium, V8 and Nodejs. In addition, the remote interprocess communication module can be disabled for security reasons.

With the widespread Javascript framework Electron, web techniques can be used to create desktop applications. The current version 4.0 of Electron is now available , as the team tells. As usual, this update includes updates to the basics used by the project, including Chromium 69, Node 10.11, and V8 engine version 6.9.

IPC security as an option for the remote module

In addition, the development team has of course also made changes and changes to their own Electron API for version 4. This includes, for example, that the remote module can be deactivated for security reasons, if the developers want it.

The remote module is used for interprocess communication (IPC) between the rendering process and the main process of the application. The option of deactivation has been implemented using the Browser window API and the Webview tag via a special option.

Developers can now also see the application’s About dialog controlled by the program under MacOS instead of clicking on a custom menu button as before. Like Chromium, Electron 4.0 does not support MacOS 10.9 aka Mavericks anymore.

More details about the current version 4.0 contains the official announcement. In addition, the team lists a number of minor and major changes in the official release notes . The current publication can be obtained directly from the project website or via the Javascript package management NPM.

JavaScript Electron 4.0: What’s New?

A large part of Electron’s functionality is provided by Chromium, Node.js, and V8, the core components that make up Electron. As such, a key goal for the Electron team is to keep up with changes to these projects as much as possible, providing developers who build Electron apps access to new web and JavaScript features. To this end, Electron 4 features major version bumps to each of these components; Electron v4.0.0 includes Chromium 69.0.3497.106, Node 10.11.0, and V8 6.9.427.24.

In addition, Electron 4 includes changes to Electron-specific APIs. You can find a summary of the major changes in Electron 4 below; for the full list of changes, check out the Electron v4.0.0 release notes.



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