How to Learn JavaScript in 14 Minutes


This simple online tool explains the Javascript basics step by step. We’ll show you what the tool can do.

Your HTML and CSS are sitting? Then it’s time for Javascript . One of the world’s most popular scripting languages, primarily used in the field of dynamic HTML pages. A major advantage of Javascript is the ability to create interactive interfaces between the site operator and the user – HTML and CSS do not provide that. Javascript is not to be confused with the programming language Java, but both are based on the programming language C.

Javascript in the crash course

The CSS guru Jeremy Thomas is already known for the CSS framework Bulma and . After his guide “Webdesign in 4 Minutes” he also publishes a guide for Javascript in which he explains in a few steps the basics of the scripting language and wants to get closer to you. After selecting your operating system and web browser, you will be familiarized with Javascript in small steps. To get to the next steps, you will need to work with the console. At the end of the course you’ll be familiar with Concepts (Functions, Variables, Conditionals and Loops) and Types (Strings, Numbers, Objects, Arrays and Booleans).

How to Learn JavaScript in 14 Minutes

The most important functions that are realized with Javascript and are used on countless websites today are, among other things, the submission of search suggestions in real time, the validation of input in forms, the data transfer via browser input without reloading the website and the simultaneous change of multiple frames

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