HexGL: Built with HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL


HexGL is a futuristic car racing game written in HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL. Glide like on rails or float on the race track like clouds and try to break your track record. Download link of the source code is at the end of this article.

Most of the browser manufacturers have invested in recent years in expanding the possibilities of the Web as a powerful app platform. Not only applications but also games should in future be implemented purely with open web technologies. What is already possible at the moment is demonstrated by “HexGL”.

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This is a “WipEout” clone, written entirely in HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL. Depending on the hardware configuration, three different graphics quality settings may be selected, but in the test even the highest level ran smoothly with halfway up-to-date graphics

Test it here: FULL SCREEN

Platform In view of the technologies used, the most recent versions of the various browsers are recommended. According to the developer, the game was tested primarily on Firefox and Chrome. By contrast, HexGL does not work with Internet Explorer, as the Microsoft browser itself does not yet support WebGL.

Download source code

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