Have you wondered what this strange ‘hole’ in your laptop?


As you notice your laptop, you may have seen a strange hole-slot located on the side at the top.

This slot can also notice it on your portable hard drive, monitor, or other electronics that you may have. The hole, known as a Kensington security slot, is actually a patented antitheft component patent system security Kensington Computer Products Group.


The original socket design patent held by a bicycle lock manufacturer Kryptonite brand in 1999.

The Kensington slot consists of a hole in metal apparatus and cylinder “anchor” which binds to a metal cord with rubber coating. The anchor is coupled with the hole and can be locked using a key or a numeric combination. The other end of the cable can be connected to any stationary object such as a table.


The cable can only be cut using the cutter. Usually, the body of many mobile devices are made of plastic or similar material. A person can distract the lock of the device without causing much damage to the device itself. But acts as an extra layer of security, which could potentially prevent the theft of a device in stores.

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