HackerOne: The way to become a millionaire as hackers


Specializing in finding security holes in the IT systems of large companies, many white hat hackers have become millionaires. With just glasses and tape, the hacker can bypass Face ID, … Russian intelligence agency was hacked and stolen 75,000GB of data.

According to information from HackerOne, which tracks hackers’ awards when it comes to finding vulnerabilities, just five hackers have become millionaires after reporting security vulnerabilities through a security reward program.

Santiago Lopez, 19, known as @try_to_hack, was the first person to surpass the $ 1 million income target on HackerOne in March 2019.

Santiago Lopez is famous for finding 1676 security flaws in online assets of companies like Twitter, HackerOne, Automattic, Verizon, private companies and even the United States government.

“Now, hackers Mark Litchfield (@mlitchfield) from the UK, Nathaniel Wakelam (@nnwakelam) from Australia, FransRosen (@fransrosen) from Sweden, Ron Chan (@ngalog) from Hong Kong and Tommy DeVoss (@dawgyg ) from the US joined the ranks of hackers of 1 million USD by hacking to improve the situation of internet security ”.

Thus, a total of six hackers have earned over $ 1 million in bonuses since the platform began connecting penetration testers and security researchers with businesses around the world.

HackerOne: $62 million was awarded to the hackers

Hackers earn monetary rewards every time they report security vulnerabilities in organizations’ software. “Every five minutes, a hacker reports a flaw. Every 60 seconds, a hacker cooperates with an organization on HackerOne, ”HackerOne said. “There are more than 1,000 interactions a day between hackers and companies or governments towards a safer internet.”

HackerOne’s 2019 security report was also released with findings showing that more than 123,000 security issues have been resolved, more than 1,400 client programs and more than $62 million in bounty for hackers from over 150 countries.

More than 25% of all found flaws have been classified as serious and very serious in the past year.

The average bounty paid to researchers increased 48% from last year. “The most competitive hacker bonus programs currently owned by big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Intel, provide personal bonuses as high as $1.5 million for important issues.”, HackerOne said.

Source: techtalk.vn

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