Fortnite: Now Crossplay on the PS4


Sony gives green light for crossplay: From now on, PS4 players in “Fortnite” compete with users of other platforms – and this is just the beginning!

The cross-platform interaction in online adventures has long arrived in the game industry. In titles like “Fortnite,” Xbox gamers compete with PC users, smartphone gamers, and switch owners. Only PS4 fans remained at the joint rendezvous so far outside, were allowed to pull in the case of “Fortnite” only with PC players in the fight. After Sony categorically refused for a long time to open its own platform for connecting with competing Daddelkisten, the manufacturer finally gives way. As the company announced in the official PlayStation blog, the PS4 version of “Fortnite” now supports cross-play with all other platforms – for the time being only in an open beta phase.

More crossplay games are to follow

As part of the test run, Sony wants to make sure that the gaming experience of the PS4 gamers does not suffer from the opening up of the network. If the trial phase delivers a positive result, the manufacturer wants to allow in the future for other online games Crossplay – but issued no free ticket. As the company emphasizes, it remains the case in the future to decide on a case by case basis whether a game receives the blessing of cross-platform gambling. Nevertheless, Sony’s contribution is an important step in the future of the PlayStation platform. So far, the manufacturer has stood in the way with its negative attitude towards Crossplay itself and ran the risk of missing an important development in the game industry. Now it has been said that Crossplay offers huge added value for players.


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