Emulator replenishment: Amiga Forever and C64 Forever in version 8 released


A new version of Cloanto’s commercial Amiga and C64 emulators brings full-screen controls and virtual mouse and keyboard.

Manufacturer Cloanto has released a new version of its commercial retro emulation software Amiga Forever and C64 Forever for Windows. In version 8, the virtual game controller from the previous main version has been supplemented by a virtual mouse and a virtual keyboard – for example, the 8-bit cursor can now be dragged with the mouse. If desired, the virtual keyboard can be freely allocated and also provided with shortcuts.

When using the full-screen mode, you no longer have to switch back to window mode for all actions: Controls are displayed above the full screen and allow you to change floppy images, for example. The new major release also works with the multi-monitor capabilities and high-DPI features that Windows 10 received with the October 2018 update. There are numerous other small improvements and, as usual, more speed and bug fixes. If you want to read more, you should look at the detailed release notes . The comparable innovations can also be found in C64 Forever 8 .

As the manufacturer also reported , they have developed a “kiosk mode” so that the software can serve as a front-end in a computer museum, for example.

Amiga Forever 8 is available in three editions: The cheapest Value Edition is available for 9.95 euros, the Plus Edition includes the option for a DVD image, and the more collector-directed Premium Edition contains a software box in addition to movies several DVDs. C64 Forever 8 is available in a limited Free Express Edition, a Downloadable Plus Edition for 14.95 Euro and a Boxed Plus Edition with box.

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