Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Review: The series returns fuller and slightly improved


The Goku and his friends hold a special place in the hearts of the Greeks and especially those who lived their childhood in the decade of the 90s. The reason for the series ‘symbol’ worldwide in the field of manga and anime, which is none other than Dragon Ball. The franchise has enjoyed a number of successful releases in the world of video games, with the most recent major title to be the Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which became available in 2015.

To hybrid between MMORPG and Fighting kind received encouraging reviews in the beginnings. So we come to the present and the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Developing title resumed the Dimps studio that created the first Xenoverse. It remains to see what differences shows the continuity of the series.

The events of Xenoverse 2 receives two years later than the first title. The forces of evil back, this time stronger, trying to change the events of the past once again. At the risk again annihilation of the heroes of the series, you as a player and a member of -anavathmismenis longer, Guard Time, undertake the dangerous mission to restore order in the history of the past.


The scenario in a huge percentage is identical to the previous game, and has been enhanced slightly with the entry of new enemy threats. Admittedly, the story of our game seemed fun, because we have the opportunity to interact with the most famous characters of Dragon Ball and become part of we. But having played the first title, we felt strongly many times the element of repetition.

Evil would be small if the repetition was limited to “narrow” the script. Unfortunately, this element observed at Gameplay game. Total Xenoverse 2 more like an expansion of the first title rather than with the separate continuity. This is not necessarily bad, more for newcomers players, as the game has some fun and constant gameplay mechanisms. But those returning to the series and expect to see substantial changes, they will probably be disappointed. For we are not, however unfair, the players returning to the series are expected to meet certain additions made by the Dimps studio, which we will mention below.

Initially, the standards of a mmo, the start will be asked to configure your character, choosing between five types: Sayians, Namekians, earthy, Majins and race of Frieza. The options in customizing the appearance of the character is slightly increased compared to last year. The HUB of the game this time is the upscale city Conton (former Toki-Toki), which, as the creators have promised, is about seven times greater. It is a single city, so we no longer have to deal with unnecessary loading times. Also added small areas like Namekian Village.


Within Conton City, would like someone did a classic MMORPG, browse and assume the main and side missions, meet NPC’s or other real players, if we are connected online, buy items and participate in online or offline battles. To save time during our tour in Conton City, now we can throw ourselves or on vehicles. This is an addition to urgently demanded by the public.

The total contents shown increased compared to its predecessor, promises to keep players busy for many hours while there were additions requested by the public.
The content of Xenoverse 2 promises to keep us busy for several hours so the content of main story and all kinds of secondary missions, and the upgrading of our character. In our progress except our custom character, we always have control characters known to Parallel Quests from the universe of Dragon Ball. These characters are gradually unlocked.

Besides the content, the most important point that it is the title is in the combat system. We can safely say that the sector is a “copy-paste” from the previous release with some additions and variations in the types of attacks. The fighting included in the 3D environment and have a fast pace that fit “glove” in the style of Dragon Ball. Initially, give the impression that dictates the strategy of button mashing. But, as we are familiar with the combat system and will come up against stronger opponents, the more you create strategies and observe the Health, Stamina and Ki your bars corresponding to life, the possibility of defense and your agility in space, but also the ability to perform special attacks such as “Kamehameha” trademark.

In conclusion, the combat system continues to have fun and stable mechanisms. One of the few complaints we have to do in terms battles refers to the camera. On several occasions, in moments of climax, the viewing angle changes abruptly or coming very close to our player, or to the point that no opponent seems. This has meant unpleasant effects on the development of the battle. It is a problem that occurred in the first Xenoverse but to our disappointment not corrected.


The artificial intelligence (AI) occurs in axioprepestata levels with enemies to raise the bar of their abilities, with increasing the difficulty of the game. On the other, the friendly A.I. while the lowest levels of difficulty presented auxiliary perhaps more than would chreiazomastan- most difficult battles not show as strong, offering comparatively small aid.

Visually, the artist used character remains true to the standards of the anime and manga with character models meet to detail. Like game based MMO elements should not face connectivity problems with their servers. This is not true. There were a few times we were unable to connect to the servers of the game so we can not enjoy what they have to offer and try again and again. However, many times ligated and played with other players around the world did not observe the slightest lag or disconnection cases.



The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 could easily be an expansion of the first title. H sense of repetition in scenario and gameplay for those who have played the original title is expected to be intense. But we can always do with a fun game with a few fixed arrangements. The total contents shown increased compared to its predecessor, promises to keep players busy for many hours while there were additions requested by the public. The servers of the game, except the connection problem, are in good shape.

Our opinion is that the game is worth your money as a hybrid between Fighting and MMORPG, whether you play the first of the series or not. Only if you return to the series you will need to make your concessions as regards the element of repetition.

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