Did Einstein make a mistake? A new “map” of dark matter in the universe has been created


Scientists have presented the largest and most complete ” map ” of dark matter in the universe to date, invisible matter estimated to make up about 25% of the total universe, compared to 5% of visible matter and 70% of dark energy.

It is noteworthy that the distribution of dark matter seems to be such that, according to at least some scientists, it raises some doubts about the correctness of Albert Einstein ‘s general theory of relativity .

The 400 researchers from seven countries of the large international Dark Energy Survey (DES) consortium used the dark energy camera – one of the most powerful in the world with a resolution of 570 megapixels – contained in the four-meter-diameter Victor St Telescope Chile, to analyze – with the help of artificial intelligence – 226 million galaxies , thus revealing a “patchwork” with huge dark circles of very low density (where gravity can behave differently) and brighter areas (where darkness is concentrated) and visible matter).

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