Diablo: Strong Notes on Netflix Series


Rumors about an animated series about the “Diablo” series have been going on for quite some time. Now there is a concrete indication of a corresponding Netflix production.

TV series on video games are the trend – and come in contrast to video game films extremely well. This was proven for example by the animation series for the “Castlevania” series broadcast via Netflix. Now, perhaps, the next major implementation of this kind is starting. It looks like Netflix is targeting the “Diablo” series this time around. That at least suggested a now deleted Twitter post by the author Andrew Cosby. He had trumped over the messaging service, according to a media report, that he was in the final negotiations with Netflix to write the script for an animated “Diablo” series. He is therefore very excited and sincerely hope that the project comes about.

Diablo series quite likely

A short time later, the contribution disappeared again. That might suggest that Netflix and Blizzard want to make the announcement through official channels – or that Cosby was looking forward too early. That there could be a “Diablo” series, however, seems very likely. Already in August made first rumors about the round. In addition, Blizzard had recently confirmed that several “Diablo” projects are in the works. One of them was the recently unveiled “Diablo 3 – Eternal Collection” for the Nintendo Switch. Fans still hope for a revelation of “Diablo 4”. A TV series could be the ideal link between the last and a possible new offshoot. Andrew Cosby seems to be the right author. He has already worked on the new “Hellboy” film, which thematically has a certain closeness to the “Diablo” universe.


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