Devhints: From JavaScript to Bash a Huge Collection of Developer Cheat Sheets


Cheat-Sheets give a compact overview with all important information about a topic. A developer has put together a collection of cheat sheets for various programming languages ​​and tools.

How do I define arrays in Go again? What else can I do in Bash? What is available for shortcuts at Atom? All these questions the web developer Rico Sta. Answer Cruz with his cheat sheet collection.

The project Devhints

That’s why Cruz launched the Devhints project. The website will show you a list of different topics for which you can display a cheat sheet with just one click. Especially Javascript , CSS and HTML are very well represented in this list. Including corresponding Javascript frameworks such as Angular.js .

JavaScript Code Collection

Anyone who rummages a bit on Devhints, quickly realizes that some cheat sheets are very detailed, but others lack some information. Also, the selection is limited mainly to web technologies (Cruz is finally a web developer) and a few programming languages ​​and tools to the left and right of it. This makes the collection interesting for other developers as well. Because there are also cheat sheets for example Git, SQL, Vim, Bash, Sketch, ADB or Docker.

In summary, you can currently find cheat sheets on the following topics:

Command line (from ADB to Composer to Bash)
Go and other Google technologies from analytics to webfonts
many more…

Structure of the cheat sheets

Bash JavaScript

Cruz is currently working on a new layout for his cheat sheets. The pages that have already implemented this design are marked with a green dot. The layout is modern and clearly structured. Most topics are provided with many code examples, explanations and links.

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