Desktop apps with Javascript: Electron 3.0 released


With Electron, desktop apps can be developed with Javascript – which well-known desktop clients such as Slack put. The open source framework comes from Github and has now been released in version 3.0. We take a look at the innovations.

Electron: native desktop apps based on web technologies

The Electron framework allows the development of cross-platform desktop applications based on open web technologies. Electron is being developed as an open source project by Github and also used for the desktop client of the service. In addition, Electron is used for example in the editors Visual Studio code from Microsoft and Githubs Atom and the desktop clients of Slack, Signal, Discord, Twitch, Yammer and teams.

Electron 3.0 is now available for download on the project website and via the NPM package manager. For the frontend Chrome is now used in version 66.0.3359.181. The Javascript Runtime V8 has been updated to version 6.6.346.23. On the backend side, Electron version 3.0 and higher uses Node version 10.2.0. In the long term, Electron will catch up with the development cycles of Chromium, Node and V8.

Electron 3.0: New Button and Textfield API

New are the Button and Textfield APIs. However, they are currently still in an experimental phase and must be activated if required via the build flag enable_view_api . Also new: fs.readSync now works with large files. Previously, large amounts of data meant that the function did not work correctly.


Electron 3.0 removed the events did-get-response-details and did-get-redirect-request . In addition, the Electron team points out that the PDF ad is currently not working. In later updates, the function should be made available again.



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