Bitcoin borders $ 60,000 – crypto ETFs ahead of approval


After the low in May, many cryptocurrencies are on the up again. The ban from China last affected the entire crypto market. The prices are now recovering. Current news about the Bitcoin course in the crypto blog.

Bitcoin remains highly volatile. It wasn’t until April 14, 2021, that the world’s most important cryptocurrency hitrecord high of $ 64,895.22 per Bitcoin. But depending on the news situation, the course quickly collapses again. The price is currently trading at around $ 59,300. Just a few months ago, the price of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency fell repeatedly to just under $ 29,000 within a few weeks, but then the countermovement started.

Analysts currently continue to assume that the Bitcoin price will rise over the year and break through its previous all-time high. Investing in Bitcoin is still considered risky among investors.

Latest news and news from today about Bitcoin and the current price

October 15, 2021 – Bitcoin borders $ 60,000, crypto ETFs ahead of approval

According to a report by the Bloomberg news agency, the US Securities and Exchange Commission could allow Bitcoin ETFs in the US for the first time. With his statements on the open applications, SEC chairman Gary Gensler raised hopes that up to four Bitcoin ETFs could start trading on Wall Street in October.

Investors reacted correspondingly positively. On Friday morning, the cyber currency rose to just under $ 59,900, scratching the $ 60,000 mark. Around noon ( as of 12:15 p.m. ), Bitcoin was quoted at $ 59,300 according to the Coinmarketcap trading platform – an increase of three percent in a 24-hour comparison.

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