Battlefield 1: The new DLC


The first information about the “French” DLC. [UPDATE]

When favorite tactic of Electronic Arts, the release of Battlefield 1 accompanied by the relevant Premium Pass gives you access to future expansions. Until now we knew little about what exactly is included in the Premium Pass, but now we are able to know that it will soon add two new Factions.

According to the official website of Battlefield 1, the Premium Pass will include four expansions. These will see the Russian Imperial army and the French army. In our review of the FPS of EA DICE we had noted that the developers no grappled with the Eastern Front of the First World War, but is now expected to see on the screen the bloody conflict between the German and the Russian Empire.

What we are able to know for now is whether the addition of the new Factions are clean the multiplayer modes of Battlefield 1. Surely there will be new Operations inspired by actual battles, but not excluded to see new War Journals in single- player campaign. As the website of the game, the Premium Pass includes a total of 16 new maps, 20 additional weapons and new vehicles and Elite classes. Those who purchase the Premium Pass which costs EUR 49.99 will have access to this content two weeks before its official release. In closing to remind that in December expected the first free DLC of Battlefield 1.

[UPDATE: 15/12/16 – Available new mode Shotguns-Only] The EA DICE released today the new Shotguns-Only mode entitled Eye to Eye.

The Eye to Eye is added to the list of Custom Games of Battlefield and emphasizes the nearby battles. In these Custom Game, you can play only with Shotguns, life is not recovered while revives and medics were absent. It is a mode that is full of action and moving fast. Indicate how the Eye to Eye is available only in Amiens map of Battlefield 1.

[UPDATE 2: 16/12/16 – The first teaser of the French army] Through the official account at Twitter, the EA announced indirectly the arrival of the French army in the upcoming DLC, They Shall not Pass.

In view of the tweet shows an intense battle in a bunker, with a French flag appears on the right and the text that goes with writing in French “Soyez prêts”, which translates to “Be Prepared”. The They Shall Not Pass will be released in March 2017 and will have access to your content, unless you have the Season Pass.

[UPDATE 3: 20/12/16 – The first information about the “French” DLC] The DICE in a blog post we presented the first information from the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC, the first DLC of Battlefield 1 which will add as expected new new maps and weapons and the French army as a playable faction. To post blog contains information and concept art from various battles of the First World made in French territory. More specifically, the DICE showed us at Verdun where incessantly fire caused fires in the forest that surrounds the battlefield, the battle at Fort Vaux and the Battle of Soissons. H DICE says these real battles used as inspiration to create new maps of They Shall Not Pass DLC. Nevertheless, he says that still does not want to present more about the DLC. You can see the concept art images released by the company in the gallery below.

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