Autonomous flying taxis from Hyundai


A year ago it became known that Hyundai would build on behalf of Uber flying taxis, boats first with the presence of a pilot and then autonomous vehicles. The South Korean car industry has decided to enter this new ever-growing market on its own.

To this end, Hyundai transformed the development department of this technology that it had created in the company into a new autonomous company called Supernal, which will be based in the USA. The new company will build an autonomous electric flying vehicle vertical landing / take-off (eVTOL) with a capacity of five passengers. The company’s goal is for this boat to be ready to carry passengers in 2028. Hyundai’s initial idea is for its flying taxis to take off and land in its own facilities that it will create in the cities, on helipads that the company calls “vertiports ». In the event that a passenger’s destination is far enough away from the nearest vertiport there will be electric skates at his disposal to continue his journey.

 To call a flying taxi Hyundai will use an application similar to that of Uber and other passenger services. The company has already entered into partnership agreements with the City of Los Angeles and the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium to develop the overall plan for the operation of flying passenger vehicles within urban areas of Canada.

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