Amazon Machine Learning Courses open for free to all developers


Amazon offers interested developers free machine learning courses. So far, internal developers have been trained with the so-called “Machine Learning University”.

So far, only the group’s own developers have studied in Amazon’s “Machine Learning University” . Now, the ecommerce giant and cloud provider will provide the courses it contains to all interested developers – for free . In total, the course package includes 30 courses with over 45 hours of material, videos and test applications, as reported by The Next Web . According to Amazon, the courses are suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

In addition to developers, Amazon’s course content may also be of interest to data scientists , data platform developers, and business people in general. It conveys fundamental concepts that are complemented by real-world example applications. The content is about the optimization of delivery routes, forecasts of gift wrap in stores or predictions about the awarding of film prices based on data from the movie database IMDB.

But there is also a downer: While the use of machine learning courses is basically free, developers have to pay for the cloud services they need for their tests. If you want to earn the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certificate, you must put $ 300 on the table. Last year, Amazon had already introduced Sagemaker, an at least initially free tool for machine learning developers.

Machine learning courses from Amazon, Google and Microsoft

In addition to Amazon, the major cloud rivals Google and Microsoft offer special courses for machine learning. Google, for example, has brought Coursera on board to offer a free crash course and a paid special course. Microsoft also offers a course package to introduce developers to the subject of machine learning.


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