AirSelfie: The smaller drone camera


The smartphone photographers who want to take photos from a different perspective, may be interested in a new miniature drone – camera, created by AirSelfie.

To drone of AirSelfie takes the form of a portable fly camera built into your cell housing and can easily be detached and used to capture unique moments. Remove AirSelfie from its cover and check it from your smartphone, using appWhich that supports both iOS and Android devices.


The tiny camera is available in Kickstarter with prices starting at € 179 with shipping date is expected in March 2017.

How many times have you caught yourself trying to hold twenty or more people in a group selfies? How many times had to cut a landscape, while trying to take a selfie; Now say goodbye to your selfie stick or your outstretched arm!

You can place the designated AirSelfie lid (which functions also as a charger) and release it whenever you want to get an aerial photo or video.


You will be able to create unforgettable memories from a new perspective. Discard AirSelfie and check directly 3 different flight modes:

  • selfie mode, the easiest, with only two arrow keys to make the drone to move away or near you.
  • motion control function selfies, check AirSelfie in real time with virtual joystick provided by App.
  • Flight mode, the device enters horizontally and replaces a classic controller. Once you have found the perfect placement for photography, AirSelfie stand still, thanks to the swinging operation

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