3 + 1 inventions that happened by accident


Sometimes it was pure luck, other times it was persistent experiments that led nowhere, and other times it was purely by accident! Four things that were invented without anyone intending it!


During an experiment with bacteria, Alexander Fleming goes on vacation. Unfamiliar with his household, he left a dirty dish in the laboratory sink. When he returned, he found that the dirt bacterium had grown all over the dish, except for an area where mold had formed. This discovery led to two things: penicillin and one of the greatest pharmaceutical inventions.


After spending all day studying coal tar derivatives, Constantin Fahlberg left Johns Hopkins’s workshop and went to dinner. Fahlberg’s discovery came after he forgot to wash his hands before lunch. He had spilled a chemical on his hands and, in turn, when the chemical went into the bread he was eating, it made it strangely sweet! In 1884, Fahlberg received a patent and began mass production of saccharin, commonly saccharin!

Chewing gum

Thomas Adams had experimented hundreds of times with the sap of a South American tree to make something like a rubber substitute. After countless tests, the desperate inventor bit a piece of material! The funny thing was that he liked it! Adams New York No. 1 became the first chewing gum company in the world!


By the end of World War II, engineer Percy Spencer was studying microwaves for radar systems, building various machines. While Spencer was standing next to one of his machines, one day, a bar of chocolate melted in his pocket. Then try popcorn and it really worked! Somehow he started thinking about the microwave oven …

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